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Maxillofacial Surgery

Maxillofacial surgery is a medical-surgical specialty that deals with all operations aimed at the treatment of various types of pathologies and aesthetic-functional problems of the jaw bones, mouth and face.

It includes all clinical, diagnostic and imaging phases, the choice of the indicated surgical therapy and the subsequent follow-up.

The Cicero Clinic has a team of expert maxillofacial surgeons capable of solving any orthognathic problem. 

The forty-year collaboration between Dr. Baldassarre Cicero and Prof. Piero Cascone has led to an extraordinary synergy between orthodontics and surgery, and has allowed us to be at the forefront of planning Surgery First, placing the concept of overcorrection of the skeletal bases as a prerequisite for the elimination of relapses.

Clinical Cases "SURGERY FIRST"

Condylar malformations and malocclusions

Condylar Hyperplasia (Condylar Hyperplasia)

Dento-skeletal malformations


Is orthodontics an art or a science?

This is a recurring question that I ask myself when I try to solve a complex case, the solution often comes from a pinch of imagination, intuition, experience and enlightenment!
But today, I increasingly believe that orthodontics is predominantly a science, which must be associated with clinical experience and repeatable aesthetic and anthropometric parameters.

Clinical Cases

Dento-skeletal malocclusions

Open Bite - Invisalign

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