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Implantology Periodontics

A dental implant can be considered as an artificial root of a tooth that is inserted into the bone structure, the mandible or the maxilla, by means of a minimally invasive surgical procedure.

This treatment option is considered for patients who are missing one or more teeth. Implantology represents the best way to rehabilitate both the functional and aesthetic aspects of the dental arch.

Depending on the number of teeth to be replaced, an artificial crown, a bridge (i.e. the union of two or more crowns), a partial denture or a total denture will be prepared and installed on the implants.

In the case of completely edentulous patients, a complete rehabilitation of the arch by means of a total prosthesis on implants is the best choice to rediscover the pleasure of smiling. Depending on the number of implants inserted, the connecting device that will hold the new teeth may be tightened onto the implant, or it may be attached to a bar or anchor to which the denture locks.

The success of an implant is due to the choice of an excellent product but above all to the surgical experience of the operator which will reduce the duration of the operation and increase its success.

Dr. Cicero, an expert in implant surgery, uses the best materials and the latest technologies to obtain safe and satisfactory results for the patient.

Ideal for patients who are missing one or more teeth

Clinica Cicero has some of the leading experts for this surgery

Cutting-edge intervention techniques with 3D technology

Implant complications

Implant complications can be early or late:

  • Early complications may involve the maxillary sinus or mandibular bone, including the soft and hard tissues adjacent to the implant site. The most common causes are an excessively traumatic surgical approach, bone overheating during the osteotomy, and bacterial contamination of the host site, clinically demonstrated as infections, edema, and sensory disturbances.


  • Late complications mainly concern implants already osseointegrated and the surrounding bone tissue. They are the result of harmful events that occur during surgery or healing.


These implant complications can be resolved thanks to cutting-edge protocols used daily by Dr. Cicero, such as 3D printing, for more precise and tailor-made surgeries in the field of implantology.


Dr. Giuseppe Cicero

Implantology Periodontics

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