Stem cells – News from Italy

Inserita mercoledì 26 Marzo 2014

BioEden, in partnership with l’Università Tor Vergata of Rome and with CryoLab, has developed an effective method for dental pulp stem cells cryopreservation which has shown that the cell viability remains unaffected even when the in vitro expansion of mesenchymal stem cells is carried out at a later date, after cryopreservation.This work was based on a protocol written by dr. Irene Martini and it was part of the thesis presented by dr. Giuseppe Cicero last November.

The “a posteriori” in vitro expansion of mesenchymal stem cellsoffers the advantage of optimizing the process of differentiation because the expansion is carried out for a specific therapeutic purpose.

This willallow significant savings on dental pulp banking as expansion is only done when needed. The study is obviously still atan experimental stage. The current BioEden technique of cryopreservation remains the only one validated by the FDA and accredited by the HTA.

Recently published by prof. Papaccio and his collaborators at “Seconda Università di Napoli”, two papers on the use of stem cells from dental pulp to regenerate the jaw ( Stem Cells Translational Medicine, 2013 and European Cells and Materials, 2009) prove the efficacy in humans three years after the implantation of the mandibular bone regeneration.

Exceptional interest focuses on engineering tissue and on the 3D bioprinting, that,in future, will allow tissue regeneration in vivo directly on the patient as reported by clinical trials for alveolar tissue engineering for cleft lip and palate(NCT01932164).
In parallel, BioEden Italy has began a process of ” tutoring ” to all Italian dentists who wish to know more about the potential of stem cells extracted from dental pulp, just for use in dentistry; this tutoring has been presented from BioEden Italy at AIO ( the Italian Dentists Association) and at various training events for pediatricians.